Hi, I'm an Abacus maker! Whether you've joined ABACUS as a maker or you're looking to make with ABACUS, this is where you'd type all the interesting stuff about yourself as a maker or a hobbyist.

For instance, I'm a carpenter. I'm not a professional, but I've been woodworking my whole life, making furniture and toys for kids. I have a fully equipped home workshop, complete with practically anything you'd need to finish a carpentry project.

All sessions with me include clean and up-to-date safety equipment (hearing and eye protection, gloves, and a smock. Feel free to bring your own, though!), refreshments (think, sparkling water or soda as well as cheese and crackers), and printed instructions of the carpentry project or skill you'd be learning that day.

You can book in one, two, or three hour increments with me, but I recommend at least 2 hours.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I look forward to (wood)working with you ;-)

Cheers --

Abacus Maker

I am here to:: Instruct in-person or virtual creative sessions
What are your skills, hobbies, and/or profession?: Carpenter hobbyist and Abacus maker.
Cool things I make:: Furniture and toys!

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Everything went great! I learned about using a lathe and wood finishing, just as the listing stated. Abacus Maker was a fun and worthwhile instructor. I'd definitely take more lessons with this maker.

Also, the Mariners bat for my husband looks great! I can't wait to give him his gift!

Sally Seeker about listing Make your own baseball bat 2 years ago.