Information about ABACUS


ABACUS marketplace

ABACUS is an online marketplace for creatives or the "want to be creative" folks.  Truth is, we're all creative and ABACUS is all about nurturing that quality in everyone. 

So, the crafty minds behind the ABACUS idea developed a way to bridge the gap between what people want to create and what they have the means to create by being facilitators of discovery.

Users of ABACUS will fall into at least one of two categories, maker and seeker.  Many makers will inherently fall into the seeker category as well since many of them are often learning a new skill to add to their repertoire.  ABACUS is the perfect resource no matter where you fall on the maker - seeker spectrum!

So, what is a maker?  

A maker is anyone cleared and verified by the ABACUS admin team to post a listing to the ABACUS marketplace.  A posted listing could be:

  • Learn a new skill such as welding, lathing, casting, sewing, or graphic design.  (Note, if you don't see your skill listed, please contact us so we can add it for you.)
  • Equipment demo.  This is for anyone wanting to learn about a specific kind of equipment prior to purchase.  For example, you want to purchase a new Glowforge laser, but you aren't sure it's for you -or- you want to purchase a Glowforge laser, but aren't sure about how to set it up or start using it and it's related software.  
  • Equipment rental (per hour, per day).  Live in a tiny apartment so there's no room for a miter saw or welder?  Or maybe you just don't want to purchase expensive equipment for a one time project.  Rent equipment from your neighbors through ABACUS instead.
  • Contract Services.  Sometimes someone just needs a few items 3d printed or a unique shape laser cut for a home project.  ABACUS is perfect for this kind of thing.  You'll bypass the red tape and minimum orders of larger companies while supporting your neighbors and getting just what you need.

Now, how to find a maker?

For those who join ABACUS to learn a new skill or hobby, participate in an equipment demo, looking to rent equipment by the hour or day, and/or interested in contacting services, but aren't a maker necessarily themselves (but maybe you are and that's great too!),  start by creating a user profile before browsing makers near you.

The search bar is an excellent way to find a local maker by using skill or hobby related keywords as well as location to begin the search.  ABACUS returns makers close by who specialize in the searched area of interest.    

Additionally, use of the filtered search panel to delve into a specific area of interest until  the right maker is found is another easy way to search local skillsets.

ABACUS is peer-to-peer, we're simply the conduit, connecting creative means with creative minds. So, enjoy yourself, be kind and respectful to your fellows, and follow your passion.