Laser Make-Off Competition! December: Holiday Mystery Project

Friday December 11th @ 5pm (PST)

Welcome to the Make-Off Contest Listing!

There's a $5 buy-in. The LINK TO THE VIRTUAL MAKERSPACE WHERE THE CONTEST TAKES PLACE ON THE 11th will be sent to you within a few minutes.

Top Prize Winner = $150 CASH (Venmo or PayPal)

-Additionally a contestant raffle for a $50 Amazon Gift Code will take place after the top prize winner is announced! Get an extra raffle ticket for each additional contestant or spectator you recruit! Make sure they mention your name when they sign up.

To Summarize the mystery project shall:
-be made from a single piece of wood or acrylic
-be 3d dimensional (layers, tabs, stilts...etc.)
-be competitively detailed (you must wow the spectators)
-be easily recognizable as the chosen object
-use a combination of cutting and engraving
-be at least 5" X "5

Here are the RULES for contestants:
-75 minute time limit start-to-finish once the clock starts after introductions. Take cutting and engraving time into account!
-Contestants must share their screen or have their camera(s) show them working LIVE. An extra USB webcam will make this easier!. The design, cutting and assembly must be LIVE, no pre-made designs; even if you've done this for your work, business or Etsy shop and already have a design you must do a new one (FROM SCRATCH) for the contest.
-Be honest and original
-Keep it kid friendly (PG) since there will be non-contestants & spectators watching

The Make-Off will happen through Zoom and Steve Cherewaty will host. The format will be the following:
-Overview of the objectives/rules
-Announcement of the mystery project
-The host and co-host (both makers as well) will provide commentary during the event and do the spectator raffle about halfway through.
-Spectators will be muted but can ask questions through the chat which the host will ask the contestants while they design, cut and build.

More details will be emailed to you once a ticket is purchased. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! This is gonna be fun!

Friday December 11th @ 5pm (PST)!!

Virtual session date(s) if applicable: December 11th, Friday, 5pm-7pm (PDT)

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